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An Open Letter to the Presidential Candidates:

I hereby pledge and affirm, that I will cast my vote for the first candidate who donates the entire contents of her/his campaign fund (The obscene amounts of 20 million dollars seeming to be pretty normal these days) to the rebuliding of New Orleans and who uses the money (and subsequently donated monies) to take their entire campaign staff and volunteers to NOLA and spend the entire election season clearing lots of debris and rebuilding housing for the people who are still homeless down there. 

Honestly, what better publicity could all those millions buy you?


In one of Stephen King's recent EW columns, he suggested bringing all the troops home from Iraq for a month, and devoting all their labor and a month's worth of what we pay for the war to fixing NOLA. We'd have a good idea after that about how well (or not) the Iraqis get along without us, and the billions and hard work would go a long way toward building homes, etc.
Entertaining as a concept.

Also entertaining - this morning Cokie Roberts (I think)pointed out that raising the most money for a campaign doesn't guarantee someone the election - her analogy was the NY Yankees and the World Series.