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on a truck's back window.

"I'm a proud Vietnam Veteran
Not a baby killer or a rapist
JOHN KERRY is a liar and a TRAITOR
and should be in JAIL with Jane Fonda

For you non-USAns:

 John Kerry ran for President in 2004 - he is a decorated Navy Vietnam Veteran and a current US Senator.

John Murtha is a decorated US Vietnam Veteran (Maybe Marine, I'm not sure) and a current US Representative.

Jane Fonda demonstrated against the Vietnam war in the 60s.

Ain't it grand living amongst the loonies of the Far Right.


What an idiot who painted that on the truck.
Even I know what John Kerry and Jane Fonda did. (Never heard of John Murtha though.)

You have my deepest sympathies.
Murtha is worth hearing about. I don't agree with all of his policies, but someone who lost limbs in Viet Nam shouldn't get that kind of response from other vets.
Even here in allegedly liberal MA, people still have anti-Fonda stickers and I'm sure some of the locals supported the Swift Boat lies about Kerry.


Bumper Sticker

Quick -- more meds. I'm usually ready to break something when I see junk like that. Probably a tribute to my upbringing that I actually don't follow through -- just breathe deep and consider the source.


some Vietnam vets did kill babies while in Vietnam, and were none too picky about the willingness of their sex partners, either. I'm tired of the inevitable whitewashing of those vets.