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Florida Voting - and a Blue Roof Update

So I went to poll worker training today.

Inside scoop is that the Democrats have already told our SOE that they
probably won't have any poll watchers in our county because they worked
closely with her during the 2000 election and felt that our county is run
fairly so they will keep their resources for problematic counties (yeah!).

Down side is the Republicans plan on having poll watchers. Why, I've no
idea. This is a heavily Republican county (73K Repubs, 31K Dems, 22K no
party affil). The SOE is a Republican. Why in the world.... Talk about
paranoid. Geez.

Monday was the first day for early voting in Florida. We have only two
places available for the county and the lines were all the way outside with
a 1 1/2 hour wait. I need to vote early. I guess I'll wait until close to
election day and hope by then the enthusiasm of standing around in line will

Not sure to which precinct I'll be assigned. They will begin making the
assignments this weekend. They generally try to keep you in your own
precinct but I'm on the list of available folks for reassignment.

Lots of talk about how many absentee ballots have already been sent out (I
sort of remember 20K or so) and with a 1000 voters already in just two days
of early voting we're wondering if anyone will actually show up at the
polls! I'll be happy though if we aren't dealing with long snaking lines
then. Not so much pressure to hurry up and do the books which are pretty
damn complicated.

The Presidential race in Florida oughtn't to be as confusing this year
anyway. There are NO write-in candidates that qualified for the ballot (not
for President anyway). A lot of over-votes in 2000 were a result of people
voting for Gore on the real line, and then writing him in too as if they
thought they had to be double sure their vote counted - which ended up
making it problematic that their vote counted at all.

Also, we talked a lot about provisional ballots and trying to avoid
appearances on CNN!!!

Seriously, our major concern is that we are in the Central Time Zone and the
world seems to believe we don't exist so tend to announce Florida results
when the polls close in the Eastern Time Zone which can seriously screw us
up when we still have an hour for folks to vote. We'll see.

Oh, another thing, was we spoke about the 1000 or so county resident voters
who've been left totally homeless after Hurricane Ivan. Well, no matter
where they are living at the moment, so long as they plan to rebuild, they
will be allowed (and encouraged even) to vote in their regular precincts.
They've had enough trauma without making them worried about their votes

On a personal note, we will be joining the blue roof brigade of Florida.
FEMA will be covering up our roof for us. They are currently estimating it
will take up to 2 years to get a roof repaired around here. Great, just


Maybe the republicans want their poll watchers there so they can point at anything remotly iffy and say the democrats were cheating...

Or maybe it's just a case of deep in their little black hearts they think everyone one's just like them...