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Student Loans

Since apparently I've hit a nerve and upset a friend, let me spell out what I think about the issue:

I'm for 'em.

If I had my way, we wouldn't need them. Everyone who had the ability would be able to go to a college and AFFORD it.  But hey, it ain't that way in the real world.


1. No one who owns stock or has a feduciary arrangement with a company who makes money off student loans should be administering them.  Hell, NO ONE should make money off student loans period!  They should be an arrangement to help our country's future, not yet another way of letting the rich get richer.

2.  Because the program is being ruined does not mean I think every worker bee who is dedicated and hurt by all of this is some how implicated.

3. I do not think that students and/or parents should be able to scream at anyone and demand that rules be changed for them. I do think that rules need to be realistic and flexible, but the worker bee ain't the one makin' the damn rules.

4. I grew up POOR. We had no central heating in the mountains of Pennsylvania. At times we were forced to walk the railroad tracks to pick up coal that had fallen off the trains to give us heat at all. We heated water for baths on the coal stove. My aunt had an outhouse. We were POOR.  I understand what that means, and it pisses me off that so many people seem to think poor people merely deserve what they get and that it is some sort of weird character flaw and that all they have to do is vote Republican and all will be well.

5. Not all Republicans are slime bags but it seems to me damn near every elected one is...  Probably most Democrats elected are too...

That is all...


Last opinion on this since I am out of opinions ...

YOU should go and testify before Kennedy's committee!

That's all.

I agree.........

College costs are out of control today. Sigh.

PS--I think it's Princeton University doing this, but if your parents make under $45K a year, it's free if you get in.
I thought it was outrageous that I had some $5000 in student loans from my college years, but now! Oooo nelly! (Though it took me a good twenty years to pay off that paltry sum.)