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2000 vs. 2004 Election Season

In the year 2000 neither Jim nor I got many phone calls from Democrats
regarding candidates. One of the things I complained bitterly about
afterwards was that the Democratic Party was so disorganized it hadn't even
reached out to ME, an Independent, whereas the Republican Party had, several

Now, living in a county that is so heavily Republican has pretty much
eviscerated the Dem Party, especially as quite often, in the past, someone
would run for election as a Democrat, and then change his/her party to
Republican the moment he or she was elected. Needless to say, I find this
behaviour unacceptable. I think if someone advertises him or herself as one
thing, then immediately changing one's spots is beneath contempt. Obviously
I wasn't the only one upset by this behaviour.

So, as a result, quite often there is absolutely no Democratic candidate
running against our politicians. It seldom surprising to see candidates for
County Supervisor or even the US Congress, running with no opposition.

This year there is some break in that. There is, for instance, gasp, a
Democrat running against the Republican Sheriff.

So, when the election season began to approach I didn't expect much from the
Democrats. I figured they'd save their efforts for counties where they
actually stood a chance at winning something.

Much to my surprise, we are getting three or four calls daily, asking for
our votes. Most of them are recorded, of course, but even so, getting a
call from our outgoing Democratic US Senator, and just now one from Al Gore,
is a bit astonishing after being so ignored during the last presidential

I hope that all means something. Like maybe that on November 3rd we can
celebrate and plan to throw W out the door with the trash in January. We'll