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I just paid off our mortgage... Go us.


Go you! That's wonderful!
Whoo hoo hoo!

I hope you have a "Mortgage Burning" party!

woohooHOO! congrats!
Congratulations, I think.
When I get a mortgage for the apartment, I don't think I'll pay it all. That would mean no more tax deductions. *grin*
In the US at least, mortgages are heavily weighted. In the first half of the time frame yu pay in mostly interest, so you can write off quite a bit on your taxes. As your mortgage matures over time, you begin paying more and more of a percentage toward the principal. Then your write-off tax wise is far less.

At some point (often about halfway through the term of the loan) it makes sense to pay it off if you can.
We have such a form of mortgage here also, but it is seen as rather conservative, and an expensive form.
I think I'll end up with a partial savings mortgage and partial pay-free mortgage. Just not sure about the percentages of that yet.


way to go:)
Very pleased for you!