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Book Review: Throne of Jade by Naomi Novik

The dragon Temeraire and his companion sail to China in an attempt to improve relations between England and China. Also, to fight to allow Temeraire to retain Laurence as his companion (since Celestial dragons are supposed to be only paired with royalty).

The book is well plotted (except for one issue), highly readable, entertaining, intriguing, surprising and the action is quite good.  As usual, Novik has created a very believable world, and one with cool surprises too.

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT:  I have one beef (this will make no sense at all if you haven't read the book)  which I will

I have a major issue regarding Temeraire's response following the gang attack on Laurence and the rest of the Brits. I can see that the attack was timed when they knew the dragons were mating, so he would not come to aid Laurence.

However, I do not see Temeraire not having warned Laurence he might not be home for awhile, even if he was too embarrassed to explain it. Yes, he says he didn't notice the time passing, but still...

Especially do I NOT buy Temeraire's actions afterwards. He was too .. calm.  I mean, here someone has tried to murder his companion and damn near succeeded. He failed to protect him. And, what, he's .. resigned?  It just didn't see to fit for me. I expected him to be angry, out of control, wanting to tear the city apart to find the rest of the gang, something other than sitting there going, oh, gee... Okay, maybe it could be because his libido is now on empty, but still...

I do realize it was probably required to make you wonder if the pair would indeed be broken up, that Temeraire was being separated from Laurence over all the attention he was getting, and that it set up the final confrontation with the bad guy, but still. It felt off to me. I'd have preferred that bit done a bit differently.

HIghly recommended.  I look forward to book three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!