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It's all about the Smoke

The wind is up and has changed (which means red flags are flying on our beaches and we'll probably have some drowned tourists who always think they are stronger than the Gulf), so today we are in the middle of the smoke plume from that massive wildfire on the Florida Georgia border.

Here is a NOAA graphic that lets you see the smoke plumes. Wow, the damn thing goes all the way up to Toronto and beyond....


Hoo boy. I feel your aching lungs.

We have a several very large brush fires down here and the wind is blowing all the smoke toward the coast. One of them is by the university where I work at night and last night I was brushing bits of ash from my hair when I got to my car. And this morning the whole area is blanketed with smoke.

I will say that all that smoke makes for very fiery sunrises and sunsets but ... dang! ... I am coughing like my own personal TB ward and my throat is SO soar. And the whole state is on fire.

We need rain.