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So I was bad.... very very bad...

And bought this...

I didn't really want the blue-ray disk but I wanted the video and everything else.... so....

I am on bread and water for the next six months - altho Jim is paying for the major part of it for me - my belated Yule and Birthday gifts (and future ones for the next 5 years....)


Sony VAIO VGN-AR390E 17" Notebook PC (Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7200, 2 GB RAM, 240 GB Hard Drive, Blu-Ray DVD Drive, Vista Premium)

Wahoo! That is one fine machine you bought!! You'll love the 2Gb Ram, my HP also has that and it is a boost. And the dual processor core is yummy also.
Bad girl perhaps, but you know what you want to be bad about. I can't hold it against you. :-)

Congrats and........