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Book Report: White Night - Jim Butcher

This is the latest episode in the mad life of Chicago Wizard and PI Harry Dresden.

Poor Harry... What else is new... He's lurching from one crisis to another, with the added incentive of his brother's involvement not to mention the involvement of his former lover Elaine.

The White Court is up to no good.  The Red Court is waiting it out... The White Council of wizards is in deep shit and a bunch of low-level witches have been offed.  What's a wizard to do?

I'm a happy camper since my favourite characters are all back!

Finally, the gang is all here... And Harry manages to survive yet one more confrontation with the forces of... uhm... whomever...

Good and exciting book! But you'd best have read all the others first...

And the books are not the TV episode!


enjoy your book!


Bruce is reading the series now. (Not the hardcover, though.) He appreciates it --- whereas I bought 'em, didn't like 'em, and DO like the TV Harry. I take it you don't? (Bruce came to the books unsullied by TV Harry, as I bought the episodes on my iTunes, so don't have 'em where he can see 'em.) I had tried the books before the TV series came out and didn't like them, and retried after the series caught my attention and still didn't like Butcher's style. Don't know what it is... because I do like some gumshoe detectives and I also like urban fantasy things. Weird.
That was me. As if you couldn't tell by my style. Thought I was logged in, but apparently not.
I confess to not liking his style much either. But I'm in love with Thomas so I read them anyway!

His stories are good, if choppy and frenetic. Somehow it fits Harry.

I do like the TV series also. But they are not the same things. Quite a few differences between them, none of which bother me all that much. In fact, I like the TV Murphy better than the book Murphy and I like Bob on the TV series, at least his form, better than I do that in the books.