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NaNoMo - And Hurricane Update

Okay, so I've sort of got a plan. Working Title: Redneck Riviera

Not sure I'll make it up until midnight to actually start writing then. probably more likely I'll start at 5am since we were awake then. Damn dogs. Takes them a week at least to convince them their stomachs need to understand that the clock for their slaves have changed...

Also, we are still working on the back yard. Okay, Jim is still working on the back yard. Fencing is up totally, if not quite permanently. Sand has been moved and I've got a few plants that survived the onslaught. A miniature rose bush seems to have a little green still showing on one stem. I'm hopeful. Also day lilies are sticking up tentative fingers of green. I even see a little hint of green on the verbena.

The fig tree is fine, it is sprouting new leaves, the cypress is looking much better. It's dropped most of the salt destroyed leaves and has new leaves all over it. The grape vine still looks awful with dead leaves all over it but Jim said he thinks he saw a sprig of green. I'll look for that later.

Jim and Henry from next door have rebuilt the decking down to the dock and Jim has mostly replaced the planks on the dock.

Flood insurance tells us we are getting nothing, nada for any of the damage. We're hoping the wind insurance will cover the roof at least. I'm not very hopeful given that flood refused to cover a damn thing. So much for insurance.