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Getting your veggies

I thought I'd share a summer recipe that Jim tends to rave about. It is very healthty and invoves nearly no cooking, so it is idea for hot days.

I get fresh veggies like: tomatoes (Roma works best but I use all others too), green/red/yellow peppers, cukes (I use the small pickling ones but others are fine), zuchinni, onions (any sort to taste), and cut them all up into small pieces.

I put the cut up veggies into a sealable container and cover with vinegar. I add in a bunch of spices (you can use the dry salad mix spcices if you like) and let that all marinate in the refrigerator.

This combo will last for weeks, and I often refresh it as we eat it.

I serve it over cold spaghetti or other types of cold pasta. It is refreshing, good for you, and easy!



I love you!!!

That is wonderful!

I cannot have the pasta but - oh! - those veggies sound absolutely yummy and perfect for me. And I absolutely hate paying the cost for the "market salad" at the deli. I would so much rather do my own version - or yours - of the marinated veggies.

Do you use a specific vinegar or will any vinegar do?


(((HUGS YOU!!!)))

Re: I love you!!!

:) I use a salad vinegar but if you like a specific one, like a wine vinegar, I don't see where that wouldn't work just as well. Enjoy!