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Deployment, redux

Life and the military being what it is (after 20 years I'm used to it), we will not get to see Trevor before he leaves tomorrow morning. He's been tied up getting ready, so we had to scrap plans for dinner tonight with them.

Good news is he leaves for Birmingham tomorrow morning, but will get a 72 hour pass for next weekend so we can see him before he actually flies out with his unit (we hope!)

The daughter, needless to say, is a basket case. 

She grew up an Air Force brat and always swore she'd never marry a military guy.  That worked for her first two, very lousy, marriages.  So now she marries Trevor and he gets deployed within three months of the wedding.

But, as I told her, at least you had the wedding and that didn't have to get shoved back until he came back. She'll have all privleges so that will relieve our minds considerably, knowing she and the girls have hospital, BX and Commissary privileges so she can handle the finances and health and stuff whilst he's gone.


good luck to Trevor........

*sending positive thoughts your way for his successful deployment and return*