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We found out last night that a friend of ours died on Thursday.

Nancy used to hang out with us quite a bit (she was one of Jim's bowling buddies). But she drank way too much and eventually, I'd had enough of her, since she refused to see that she was hurting herself.

Jim hung in there longer with her but he too ended up driven away.

Another friend of our reached out to her and he tried to help her but she wasn't having any help.

She ended up in the hospital twice, passing out and falling on her face, then lost her job, then lost her house.

A few months ago she moved back home to Oklahoma since there wasn't much left for her here and her aging mom needed the help.

They found her in a coma on Tuesday, an empty bottle under her bed. She never awoke from the coma and died on Thursday.

Such a waste... I hope at least she is at peace.


Ouch. Hearing things like that hurt, regardless what happened...
oh, sad.
*hugs* for you and all who stayed behind and wished she could have done something to stay around a bit longer.

Very sorry to hear the news........

My sympathies on your loss.

How sad. I'm sorry to hear about your friend.