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HP The Musical!

ok, I have to do it!  I'm posting HP spoilers!!!!!!!!!

 - In their final encounter, Voldemort reveals, “Harry, I am your Father”!
- Snape holds Hogwarts hostage. Turns out his motive is money, not a political agenda.
- Rosebud? Harry’s sled.
- Harry finds Holmes and Moriarty (or is Colmes and Hannity?) underneath Reichenbach Falls—Alive!
- Gollum bites off Harry’s ring finger and falls into the depths of Mt. Doom.
- Oz never gave nothing to the Tinman, that he didn’t, didn’t already have.
-They all live in a Yellow Submarine!
- Harry rides the White Whale. Pequod sinks, everyone dies.
- Harry is Keyser Soze!
- Harry takes Victor Lazlo and Ilsa on the 12:01 flight to Lisbon, flying his Firebolt.
- Ron and Hermoine join a group of youthful pickpockets in London.

As stolen from:  Jesus' General


Of course.
LOL nice one.