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Cooking - Coriander chicken

When I was young and foolish I was young and foolish. I enjoyed cooking and having large dinner parties. And camping, and cooking for that. Now, not so much.

But the upside of living in Florida is you grill out all year round (I think I use my oven maybe 6 or so times a year).

One of the things I've cooked almost since I first started cooking for anyone other than me, is called 'Grilled Coriander Chicken.'

It's the recipe most of our friends want me to bring to a cookout or to a party when everyone is bringing a dish. Of course it really needs to be grilled right before serving.  Still.

I thought I'd share the recipe, since I just mixed up a batch since the daughter and her family are coming over for dinner on Wednesday. 

It is really pretty simple. The secret is to marinate the chicken for a couple of days if you can.  One full 24 hour is almost a necessity.  Just fix, stick in refrig, turn over periodically and then pull it out to grill.

Grilled Coriander Chicken
(We use thighs. Easiest pieces to grill - but any other cuts of chicken will work too)

1/2 soy sauce (I've also used teryaki in a pinch - light is good)
2 Tablespoons fresh garlic (or crushed if you don't have fresh)
2 Tablespoons ground Coriander (adjust this to taste - original recipe called for half that)
1/4 cup brown sugar
freshly ground pepper

I mix up the marinade and pop it and the chicken into a ziplock baggie (sometimes a bowl if I have too much to fit in a large baggie).

As noted above, chill, turn or flip or whatever periodically so that all the chicken gets coated (the colour will darken from the soy sauce.


Serves well with most picknicky type side dishes.



I love coriander and everything else in that marinade ...
this one is DEFINITELY a keeper!

Thanks for sharing!
sounds very yummy. Thanks for sharing:)
Looks like a very good thing to do to a dead chicken. I'm going to give this a go someday!