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Burn Notice

Is anyone besides me watching the series Burn Notice on USA network?

Gods, I love the show. It is about a former spy who received a 'burn notice' which means he is persona non grata with US spy agencies, his money and credit cards and his savings taken off of him, and he's dumped in his home town of Miami.

He's got a mother who makes him crazy, a girlfriend who is an IRA trained terrorist who wants to blow up everything, and a retired spy buddy who is being blackmailed by the CIA to rat out on our hero.

It is funny and smart and the voice overs are a scream. "If you're a spy, you know all the ways to..."  whatever. He doesn't like guns, he hates getting hit, and he's determined to find out why the hell someone put out that burn notice on him.

The acting is terrific. Highly recommended.

edit: It is on at 10pm/9pm central on Thursdays, USA channel