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The Hunter Camping

So yesterday Jim was all depressed. He'd made reservations at a state park so he could go hunting at Lake Seminole on the Florida/Georgia/Alabama state line, only to discover after he'd made reservations, guns were not allowed in a state park. Even more annoying, every spot was taken for every single Saturday night for the entire month.

So, when he found this all out, and he found out it was going to cost him 10 bucks to cancel his reservations, he called the park.

Today they called him back. First they told him that the rules he'd downloaded were no longer correct. That he could indeed have his shotgun at his campsite, only that there was no hunting within the state park. He was overjoyed to learn this (as was I since I'll be rid of him for days at a time!).

Then, he mentioned to the guy who runs the park the problem with Saturday nights. The guy said, "oh, we have some sites reserved. We can put you on one of them so you don't have to worry about the Saturday night business, and we'll give you a lot on the water so you can even just leave your boat in the water and won't have to take it in and out of the water every day."

So, looks like his hunting trip is on!  Hurrah!