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Today h2ofowl and I celebrate our 29th anniversary.

I attribute our survival for this long to getting over the whole couple togetherness nonsense early on in our marriage.

We have very different interests so we've accomodated each other in ways to let us enjoy them.  He goes hunting and fishing. We sometimes have separate vacations - his almost always around that hunting and fishing.   I like to read and write, he doesn't find that interesting. I like playing on the net and the computer, he just does the minimum to do email and stuff.

I'm still amazed. None of our friends thought it would last.   What a hoot.


Congratulations! Here's to 29 more.

Yes, it seems the ones that last are the ones with a lot of space.
I suppose it depends on the individuals, but I serious don't understand the couples who are joined at the hip. That would make me crazy.
Happy anniversary! (hugs to you both)
Congratulations. 29 years is a long time.
I hope you can hang in there together for a good deal of time more. :-)



I'm only working up to year 9 in my marriage, 29 is a pretty cool place to get to.


Re: Congrats

Sorry, that comment was from me, Kenneth Quinnell.

Re: Congrats

Thanks Kenneth. Good Luck toward making your own 29.

Happy Anniversary!

and to many more!


Re: Happy Anniversary!

but Jim burned the steaks... :(

ah, that sucks........

but that'd be me. I can't cook:(
Congratulations! Here's to the next 29!

(Your hypothesis may be correct - we took separate honeymoons and we're still together.)

wow, you were way ahead of your time! Cool!
Congratulations :-)