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The Joys of Living in the South

Walton County is about, oh, two miles up the road, so this is sorta personal:

The local HIGH SCHOOL wanted to put on a play. What do they pick.  Blithe Spirit. How innocuous can you get?  Not enough, apparently:

According to the complaint signed by Jake Lehman, the play’s content “hurts students’ view of marriage and monogamous relationships,” “proposes a theory of afterlife” and “encourages young people to explore occult/witchcraft.”


This quote from the principal bothers me - he said it about pulling a *second* play: "We have to be very careful not to get into a banning situation as there are people at both ends, at the fringe, who will find exception to everything."

Sounds to me very much like "I agree these people are lunatic fringe but I'm going to roll over and show my belly because I don't want to argue with them."
I agree. But, alas, around here the lunatic fringe is the majority.
Having lived in Houston, I know what that's like :-(

What I found really annoying was the presumption that all right-thinking people (meaning anyone who seemed reasonably normal and likeable) must [be Christian / vote conservative / agree with the speaker in all important ways]. I wonder if you get that a lot, because there also seemed to be a presumption that all military and former military people shared all the same right-wing values.
OH, I don't dare talk politics with any of my fellow retirees. They all hate Hillary and every other Democrat known to man.

I've actually been called a traitor because I'm a Democrat. I find it rather weird, considering....but then my 20 years don't really count since I'm a female.
I was once told I should have been ashamed for voting for Bill Clinton. I pointed out that Robert Dole might have better ethics overall, but considering I disageed with most of his positions that wasn't entirely a good thing.

But the two vets currently in my family (one Korea-era, one Vietnam) are both on the more liberal side, though granted neither was career military.
Way to go living down to a stereotype, huh?

You know, I am so tempted to start an Evangelical, Pagan religion which uses heavy-metal in it's circle meetings and espouses regular contact with the other-side and sacred sex as part of it's core beliefs...
just to really f**king piss off the Fundies!
Not too sure about the heavy-metal music, but the rest sounds as if it might be fun ...

*looks innocent, fails for some reason*
Oh, God. *sound of head pounding on computer desk* Can't these people take a stand against world hunger or something USEFUL?
What is this about an EX-wife? She wasn't divorced from/by the husband, she DIED. I don't see why the fringe should object to a widower marrying again. (I also agree with the rest of the comments.)
yeah, the author whines about the play positing an afterlife (obviously different from his version of things) and then plays into it by the use of ex-wife. Very odd ducks we've got around here.

But then the county fired a high school teacher who got pregnant too. As she told the paper, if she'd gotten an abortion they'd have had a hissy fit, and wanted her fired. Instead she chose to have her child and for her choice of life, which they are all quick to preach, they fired her. Can't set the kiddies a bad example by an out-of-wedlock child, now can we....
I've just checked the IMDB.com because something was bugging me. "Blithe Spirit" had one heck of a run when it was first produced during WW2, and has had at least three films made. But it also reminds me of "Death Becomes Her".

How can one suggest that it 'promotes belief in the occult' when it is clearly a work of comedy poking fun at the whole concept?
Gods above and below, it is clear there are more folk in the world that undergo humour-ectomies than I realised.

(a term of Australian opprobrium in its worst censorious form)

We're talking major fundies here, the sort that belives every word in the bible and denies they 'interpret' anything, so no doubt believe the bible was written in English so each and every word is entirely unambiguous - snort.

Not only do they lack a humour gene, they lack them for sense, rationality, and brains.

Nor can they recognize hypocrisy when it smacks them in the face.

Why don't people just say to these folks that they are just full of manure! But then, when did this mealy-mouthed two-faced "Christianity" sneak up on us?

Or is it that I am just remarkably naive and was trying to be good, like the Good Books said, so that I missed the lessons on bullying, sophistry, hypocrisy and lying?

I do know that the one thing that seems to frighten them most is people asking questions.
Specially questions that require answers with thought and honesty behind them ... the sort that if not answered honestly make the one who is questioned look like the pillock they are.

But to give into the bullies. That cannot be teaching the children the highest ideals that they are capable of. I hope that this individual is put back in his box and given a clue-by-four by the young people whose fun and education he is interrupting by his pathetic behaviour. Bet you they have a tighter grip on reality than he does!

*argh!* It is so frustrating to know that the same sort of carping controlling behaviour is being imported into my country ... what a fashion these whey-faced religionists want to promulgate *snide*

Perhaps they should do the one of the original English Mystery Plays? That would set the cat among the pigeons *evil grins*