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Finally! A Sensible Editorial about Religion

Bring Back the Greek Gods!


LOL, but unfortunately, just having a polytheistic religion is no garantuee at all for openness towards other religions. Think of the continuing war between hindu'and muslims in India (and Kashmir in particular).
The Greek (and Roman) religion and its relative openess for other religions cannot be understood apart from its overall culture.

Nice article though. But as an atheïist I'd realy appreciate some room for my belief as well.
oh I agree completely. But it was fun to see an article that admitted to some of the bad aspects of the monotheistic religions and their one path and only one path doctrine.

I'm an atheist too so I was rather unhappy to see no room for us either.
yeah, I did remember that people called you a 'good Christian' (I would be fuming)

That aside, I realy should read up on ideas about atheïsm and why it has met with so much hostility in many cultures (BTW, I think that the Greek culture did leave room for atheïsts think of the stoics and the cynics. ok they, and certainly the latter, might be marginalised but nevertheless not persecuted).
I've been studying John Locke's Letter on toleration and he pleas fairly extensively for the right of all these mistaken people to practice their faiths (he does explicietely say thay of course they are wrong) and that includes Jews and Musl8ims and native Americans who worship their ancestors. But not, never ever, atheïsts. That is something so alien and terrible, a society which includes atheists has no change to prosper. (Did has to do with his conception of how a staate comes to be and what holds it together, namely an oath to God.)
I liked the article.
there are entire conversations that could be had... but not today...
I have a book to write!

Although I'm kind of a polytheist myself

In practice, I'm an extremely tolerant ecumenistic henotheist. What that means is that my personal goddess is Ishtar. I follow Her and worship Her, but acknowledge that other deities exist and have followers. I attend other worship services and conducted them for years as a coven leader before I quit. I also believe that there's lots of room for agnosticism and atheism in the world, as long as we all allow each other to follow our paths freely without recrimination.

These days, if someone tries to get me to "justify" my religious faith to them or "prove that it's right", or "logical" or whatever it is they want to argue about, I just leave or refuse to speak to them about it. I'm done with all that. Ishtar doesn't ask me to be a missionary, nor to make myself feel ill with arguments.
I like this (and earlier articles about people who do worship the ancient Greek gods, or claim they do) at least partially because it refutes a (to me)stupid and glib remark that earnest atheist Sam Harris used to make in speeches, something to the effect that people stopped worshiping Zeus, so why shouldn't they stop worshiping the god of Moses? (which is the odd way he often refers to the deity usually called the "god of Abraham").
We have progressed very far technologically, and some way socially.. but spiritually, we're not that far from the dark ages still. I'd say we're yet to have a spiritual equivalent of the renascence...

and that we can lay the blame for that, solidly at the Christians door.
I'm going to disagree with you...slightly
It's not the Christians that can be blamed for it in general.
It's actually the Roman Catholics that are to be blamed...for a whole heaping list of reasons that we won't get into here.

The non-roman catholic Christians are also victims.
Theses sects of Christianity formed primaraily to fix the 'wrongs' of the Roman Catholic church.
The biggest problem with that was the fact that they're mostly using the same bible, with only minor differences.
The Bibles they use are post-Nicene Council....AFTER Rome edited the Bible to fit their vision of Catholocism.
With the damage already being done, these other well intentioned sects entered into a battle they could never win...making them the aforementioned victims.

I am a non-practicing Roman Catholic, but I won't convert.
I've learned the mistakes and atrocities committed by the church.
This allows me to be a good Catholic without spreading the poison.
I'll also teach my children the truths and mistruths presented in Catholicism.
By arming them with the appropriate knowledge, I'll have prepared them to choose what they want to believe.
Good point... I guess we can blame the Paulinists/Dominionists/Christianics whatever you want to call 'ems.

After all, the 'other' christians also includes the likes of the Jesuits, who did a fair job of preserving ancient texts and IIRC teach people to think about what they believe and question everything.
I think we should bring back the Egyptian Gods too:)
Hell yeah.
Especially if they're in all actuality like the way they were depicted in Neil Gaiman's novel American Gods
I would love to split some buffalo wings and get drunk with Horus.