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So I've been NaNoing like crazy and just reached 11424 words. Whew.  If you wanna read along, and remember we aren't editing, so it is raw and rough and I've got one characters name wrong a bunch of times already I know of,  you can read it here.

Remember it's Firefly with Dragons. And it is very silly. And I have no idea what I'm doing, lol.


You have no idea what you're doing?

Who does, when they engage in something like this?!

Signed: a fellow unknowing.
paganpaul is writing the Devil's Diary for NaNo, he tells me he's found a wealth of ideas from that one website alone, lol

Hey, I hear your PM ain't doing too good in the polling. Hopefully he gets tossed out on his ear.
Remember it's Firefly with Dragons.

Oooh! Sounds nifty!

And it's very silly

Nano is supposed to be serious?

Congrats on doing so well. I've written about half as much as you have, so I'm straggling along. But I'm doing better now that I've introduced a newish character. *crosses fingers, then can't type*
umm...that link doesn't work.
fixed, sorry. an extra space got in there somehow:

congrats and wishing you continued success!