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desktop screenshot.

okay, all the cool kids are doing it.




Very nice! I've used that picture as a desktop too.

Do you use iGoogle? They have a lovely space theme now.

My current Desktop is a BBC wallpaper of the 5th and 10th Doctors!

I do indeed use igoogle and have the space theme activated.

I haven't seen the pic from the Children in Need special! Off to look!
That is SO very beautiful! I miss living far out in the country where there is no light pollution and at night you can see into eternity.

BTW - CONGRATULATIONS!!! On completely NaNo - again!!!

I do the "Yippity Skippity Happy Dance of The Tired Fingers" for you!
yeah, I'm a sucker for those deep space pictures from Hubble, altho that one of Saturn quite often adorns the desktop too

Thanks for the dance!

Hope things are good for you especially with regard to the promotion!