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Oh no!

Now us unbelievers are blamed for... wait for it.... Creationism!  Gotta love it!


You mean all those fundies are really...Pagans?!?

AH-HA! We knew it all along! They're just in denial! They really want to dance naked around fires and sing chants to Bacchus, just like us! The secret's out! *ROFL*
I am an atheïst, not a pagan.
And though I've never come across a pagan/wiccan creationist there might well be one, here or there. If all catholics followed suit and abandoned creationism it would leave "only" the protestant branches of christianity. All bits help...
So now it is our fault that it is in their big book?

Brother Consolmagno must be a manager of sorts also.

Whenever a manager is involved, the situation remains exactly the same, only all of a sudden it's our fault...