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cactus, originally uploaded by majkia.

My "Christmas" cactus couldn't figure out if it wanted to be a Thanksgiving Cactus or a Christmas cactus this year, so it's at its height half way in between.


Wow, that Christmas cactus is gorgeous! My mom used to love them. Hers bloomed very nicely some years, too, but not as nice as that! Your tree is lovely, too! I'm still waffling on whether or not to put one up. No one else will see it, my dad isn't coming down for the holiday this year, because my sister and her family are visiting. I'm afraid the bunny will chew the tree, and worse, the lights, if I put one up--there's nowhere to put it that he can't reach. He thinks he's a cat, and he's learned from the cats to jump onto things you wouldn't believe. But maybe when my shopping and cards are all done--which they almost are now--I'll get itchy and go buy a tree.
that particular cactus started out as a few broken off pieces from an older cactus. It really likes that pot and where it sits on the porch.

well, I have to put chairs up against our tree and boxes under it because our Labs think it is cool to walk around behind and around it, presumably to let it rub their backs. Blam the tree goes over. Sigh.

One year I made the mistake of putting candycanes on it. We knew which Lab was guilty of pulling the tree down because her breath smelled like peppermint!
wow! beauty
and they are incredibly easy to grow. just ignore them!
that's stunning!