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US dalek

God's Army

Forget Army of One.  Now it's God's Army:

The warriors pose for the camera in a group shot - some holding their weapons in one hand and their holy book in another.

Elsewhere, a poster bears a quotation calling for the killing of enemy leaders and forcing the defeated people to convert.

If you think the images come from Islamic fundamentalist training camps in remote regions of the Middle East you'd be wrong.

The photo depicts Army trainees at Fort Jackson, S.C., where in addition to basic combat training recruits may also attend "God's Basic Training," while the poster -- boasting a quotation from conservative author Anne Coulter -- adorns the door of a Military Police office at Fort Riley, Kansas.

This article is on the Military News website. I'm not sure you all can log in but found it fascinating it was where it was...


Good grief

And they go on about islamic people who do all these same things as if it is a bad thing.

I do not understand. I suppose I do not want to understand.
But it is bad. Very bad. Another group that claims war against other religions is good, who would also be willing to butcher the meaning of the word "jihad".
I can access it...

and dear gods above and below...I think if Bush waved the cross, wrapped himself in the flag and declared himself President for Life, he'd have a fair proportion of the army behind him, maybe enough to pull it off.
You know, I would love to visit certain people and places in the USA, but the longer this sort of thing goes on I think it would be safer to visit Iraq than New York!

It has to be hurting some industries!