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The Interstate to Heaven

You know, I don't even go looking for this stuff, it's like all over the bloody place. What's happened to people's brains? Didn't their God give them brains?


think how proud Michael Landon would be...
Riiiight, and at just which end do they think is the Kingdom of Heaven?

[10:1 it's the Texan end]

Bloody idiots, clearly they've never heard of an analogy or metaphor.
As long as there is anything remotely resembling something they can turn into their benefit (conceptual or otherwise), there are people who go for that.

And that while everyone should know that the highway to heaven runs directly from Bethlehem to the Vatican. Tsk.
I just have difficulty trying to work out why, if they are followers of the one who fulfilled the prophecies they are still trying to fulfill the requirements themselves ... All that stuff in Isiah is in the Old Testament! Surely they should be following the New Testament?

I sometimes suspect that the first four books of the New Testament are actually too hard for them to follow, so they are actually performing 'magick' to get a Messiah that better suits them.

*evil grin*

PS - The highway to Heaven is I-35 in USA? *shakes head*