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Happy Voyage of the Damned Day!

So, thunder and lightning woke me up this morning.  Ah, Christmas in Florida....

I made the dressing (sausage, sage, apple, onion and pecans) yesterday. Made the potatoes a few minutes ago.  Jim is doing the turkey on the grill, smoking it, and he will be basting it with Lowrey's Louisiana Red Pepper Marinade. Ought to be interesting...

Later I will make pumpkin pies, and cheat and put a premade apple pie in the oven. Company (all 7 of them) are due over mid afternoon.

Oh, and I'm on the Crisis Line this morning...

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Outside of the typically strange Florida weather - I hope your day was full of everything that makes you happy!

I pray the food was tasty, the company delightful and the atmosphere warm and loving.

May the new year bring you more of the same!
everyone enjoyed the food, including the turkey which I thought was at least as good as deep fried turkey, and Jim thought was better than deep fried.

The highlight of the day was the silly imported Christmas Crackers I'd bought. As cheap as the gifts were inside and as silly as the hats are everyone put theirs on and got a kick out of the bang from each. Money well spent!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas with your family and friends too.