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Golden Compass

I adored it. I enjoyed it. And frankly, as I recall, I didn't know the over-arching storyline at the end of the first book, so I think the tale was pretty well told and kept interesting and fast paced.

I missed some scenes I remember vividly from the book, but given the constraints of having to boil it all down to a 2 hour movie, I'm willing to give it a pass.

The witches!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scorsby was terrific, as were the Gyptians, and needless to say:  ICE BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved Lyra.  She was just as I pictured her.  And Pan was done beautifully.

And as for the criticism of the lack of Azrael, well, he was mostly a nebulous blob in book 1 as I recall, so that too, makes sense.

And I saw some coming attractions of movies that look really great!  We'll see if they really are, but the promos were terrific...


I so agree!
I had been slightly apprehensive because of the bad reviews it had received (at least over here). That so much of the magic of the book was lost. But the book was pretty magical so there was plenty of magic left, I think.
I did like the witches immensely, flying on brooms but not on brooms kinda, in a way more ellegant way than you usually see.

It makes me want to reread the book, which I think is a good sign.
oh yeah, I want to re-read them too. The magic was definitely still there in spades.
I'm waiting for the DVD, but I am encouraged by the number of positive reactions I've seen from my FL (whom I trust much more than reviewers.)
My husband loved it too. He didn't read the books so I asked him if he'd been able to follow the storyline (which is one criticism I've heard several times, that if you hadn't read it you wouldn't understand it) and he did just fine with it and loved it too.

I'm glad we saw it at the RAVE theater with the wide screen high def and soundtrack. The details were amazing and the daemons, especially Lyra's that kept changing was fabulous to see.