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Forget the Jihadis, Look out for the Exorcists!

Pope's exorcist squads will wage war on Satan

Yeah mama!!!!!!!!!!  Just what I need. Along with the Jehovah Witnesses, the Mormons and the Born Agains, to have Exorcist Squads ringing my doorbell!


"Nobody expects the Spanish.. no, wait...that's not it.."
I guess exosrcism will become the cure of choice for catholic schizophrenics or manic depressives and such?

In many African countries there is a strong tradition of exorcism, going so far as to kill/burn the accused witches. But I've also read about American churches where they invented their own tradition and in the process severly harmed their victim.

Praying and rituals that boost a sufferes capacity to feel better and to feel more accepted in a community. Well I can see that for some people this might be some sort of help. But declaring someone possed by Satan starts by placing them outside their community and is in such a dubious practice.

Isn't that cute...

When do these guys wake up and smell the coffee?
  1. Satanism does not have that much in common with the devil as it exists in christianity.

  2. Not all cases that talk about people that encountered the devil also mention demonic posession.

  3. The teachings of modern satanism are atheistic, and satan is considered an undefined dark force in nature, promoting the development of animal instincts.

  4. "Here, demon demon demon.... I think I need a bigger box..."
I knew that the Catholic church was going the opposite way of me when they brought back indulgences into practice again, sigh. They had never left per se but they are pushing them more now.

Oh good.

We get to cast out the devils of doubt and enquiry in favour of control and group-think.
Funny how most (claimed) democratic governments are doing the same ...

Mmmm ... methinks the old fart is worried about something, but is too old to think of doing something different - thereby proving that he is as human as the rest of us monkeys *evil grin*