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Bob the Bomber Returns?

Years ago, maybe 15 years ago, there was a guy who kept calling the non-profit I volunteer for and telling us there was a bomb in the building. We dubbed the guy "Bob the Bomber."  Problem was, we have the EOD school at Eglin AFB, and they build munitions and test them, so someone with the ability and knowledge to build bombs isn't that unusual.   And Bob talked the talk, at least enough that they thought it might be true.

Now, suddenly, there have been at least 2 bomb threats this weekend. The first one at the same non-profit, reported the same way, and now I see there was one today at the local Wal-Mart.

If Bill O'Reilly is paying attention I'm sure he's screaming about Muslim Terrorists.

My bet is that it's someone local. I wonder if Bob is out of the local mental health facility again...