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More Elections Coverage

So, I"m looking at the Florida results with an eye to figuring out what happened.
  1. Firstly, we had a massive turnout, statewide, of Democrats, even if the stupid party had told us we didn't count.
  2. My county, Okaloosa, had a 41.3% turnout which was higher than anyone predicted.  The SOE for the  County, Pat Hollarn, had thought maybe 20. Her deputy, Paul Lux, told us yesterday when he dropped into our precinct to see how things were going, thought at that point 35%, so we did better than anyone expected.
  3. As usual, our problems were around the whole closed primary system. People screaming that they were NOT registered as No Party but had been Republicans all their lives, dammit!  One guy went to a Judge to demand we let him vote a Republican ticket. The judge, being a wise old guy, told him he could vote a provisional Republican ballot, which we had already told him he could do, but he'd marched out furious anyway. So, he came back in feeling all vindicated and voted his provisional ballot ( a provisional ballot has to be approved by the elections board).
  4. The precinct I worked in (as opposed to my own) is heavily rural ( there were horses in the field next to the church where we voted and the clerk of the precinct owned them).  McCain won big there, as it is also heavily veteran, and Edwards beat out Clinton, with Obama coming in third.
  5. We voted something like 725 voters, sorry, at the end of the voting day the clerk and asst clerk (me) are very busy and I had to get the machines ready to transmit the results to the county's computer and frankly I was so exhausted by the time that was done my mind was mush.
  6. I left the house at 5am, got home a little before 9pm


Thanks Majkia,

for explaining how all this constant politicking and voting affects you. I get bombarded everyday by news reports on various media that tell me how important it all is and the minutia of who is wearing what or being 'nice' or whatever, but to this little black duck it doesn't make a great deal of sense.
All eligible Australians are required to vote. There is a great deal of grumbling about it once every three years, but there isn't the intense passion about which party or polli to support - except last November for once.

So thank you for explaining the passion and impact on a 'real person' who cares, rather than all the punditry and blather that I can be inflicted with through 'official' channels.