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Abandoned Book

It isn't very often I give up on a book. But today is one of those days. When I got to bed and don't even want to pick it up until I get sleepy, that's a good hint right there. I've been plodding along in it, hoping it would capture my attention, but no go.

When the bad guys are better drawn than the protagonists... well, I'm done.

Over Sea Under Stone by Susan Cooper

Yes, I didn't even mind it is YAGS book (Yet Another Grail Search).  Mostly I find the kids eminently unremarkable and when I can't tell them apart, well, there you go.


You too?

It came under the heading of "books I expect/hope to like", but I've made a couple of tries and never got as far as the first ten pages.
yes, I expected to like it as well. But I'm 3/4 of the way through and frankly don't care what happens next.

Sad... Too many other good books to read that I'll enjoy.
Admittedly I'm very iffy on YAGS - the only even related book I really enjoyed was Alan Garner's "Elidor", but what that means is it's got to match up to Elidor for me to get into it.

In which connection, a creepy thing happened a few years back. A street in the Manchester area was being demolished and I handled a letter from a previous occupant saying, for sentimental reasons, please could they have the old front door.

The street was Fog Lane.

Now, I know that's the street they moved from, not the one the cottage stood in where such strange things happened with the door, but even so...
I haven't reread this in years, but I will say I started out with "The Dark is Rising" and Will Stanton is definitely more interesting than the Drew 3. And of course then there's Bran Davies, Arthur and Guenevere's son, who was brought forward to the 20th century by Merlin... I really really really enjoyed both of them. The Drew 3, not so much.
If you can fight your way through this one, the rest of them are very good. I, too, started with "The Dark Is Rising", so I didn't read this awful clunker until later. The rest of the series is worth it, though. And it stops being YAGS.