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Springtime on the Bayou




We've seen bluebirds here before, but this is the first time one seems intent on nesting in our yard!


Oh, so that's what bluebirds look like! They really are cute!
yes, they are cute. And quite small birds. And they are sometimes hard to spot since the blue often looks gray in some light.
Oh, what pretty photos!!

Eastern bluebirds are not uncommon up here, but I've only seen one in my yard once. They prefer more open space than my neighborhood--I've got lots of trees and brush. I hope that pair nests in your birdhouse, what a treat!

What happened with the sparrows who were trying to stake out the martin house? Did the martins get a gated community, after all? *wry smile*
Every once in awhile the sparrows make a concerted stealth attack on the martin house, but they don't stay. I guess the aggressive male martins are doing their job this year!

The bluebird likes to sit on top of the martin house too. I wondered if he was going to attempt to integrate the martin house but he seems happy with the other options instead, I'm pleased to say!

Nice photos. Thanks for sharing:)
Three cheers for bluebirds!

Looks like I'm going to have a pair nesting in my box for the second year. And there are lots more around--I seem to see 2 or 3 at both the front yard and back yard feeders most days. And it was only 4 years ago or so that I saw my first bluebird, even though I've been a casual bird watcher for years.

This morning, though, it's all goldfinches, in all gradations of the shift into breeding plumage. I count 11 right now in the back yard...

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