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Of Tornadoes and Camping in the DC area.

Since when is the Eastern Shore considered metro DC? Wha???? Granted we moved out of the area in 1983 but ... but... the Eastern Shore (and the bumper sticker, "Is there life beyond the Eastern Shore?) ????

We collect wood waterfowl decoys and as a result would go to the Easton Waterfowl Festival when we lived in the DC area (Woodbridge, VA). Also, we'd make at least one summer trip to St Michaels to do some shopping in the nice antique and custom shops there, and to eat at the crab house there, whose name I forget.

Also, anyone from the area know Gooney Creek? It is/was a campground up near Front Royal. Man we loved that place and camped one or two weekends a month all summer long. Wow, they have a website. And this picture is why.


Just looking at that picture makes me feel peaceful. I'm so glad it's spring.
That was a terrific stream to fish in and there were trails along it's one edge to hike along.

It was just as gorgeous as the picture and just as serene - well, except on holiday weekends when the camp ground was full of brats! Our own kids were, of course, angels. ;-)