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Of Hurricanes and Blackened MahiMahi

In September of 2004 we were hit with Hurricane Ivan. It came ashore about 60 miles to our west, which means we were on the worst side of it. Our barrier island was cut in half again, many people lost their homes, and we had a storm surge that was the highest we'd ever seen.

One of the things lost to that storm was a restaurant not far from here, Giuseppi's Wharf. They are right on the water with a fantastic view, but it took them until only a few months ago to finally rebuild and reopen.

We went to lunch there today, the weather being perfect to sit on the deck and watch the pelicans and seagulls dive for dinner whilst we dined. I had blackened mahimahi and cajun fries. Jim had a seafood platter.

Glad to see they are back.