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Oh Jesus...

Ain't this grand...

What's just one more crusade ...


You see, this is easier than importing all these gallons of holy water to sprinkly over the masses... It's all a matter of smart logistics.

Figures... considering how they're pushing Christianity into the military, that they'd take their 'holy mission' into Iraq.

Whelp, the USA is trying to head back into the 12th century so it figures the shadowy Religious Reich want to kick off a new round of crusades! After all, that was the Golden era for Christianity... with the emphasis on gold!
I immediately thought that al-Quaida and their ilk could really use this for a counter measure pr thingy "we melt the infidels wicked coins into bullets and kill them with their own steel" (not that I hope they would do it, I want peace,, just crossed my mind)