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Of Necks and Turtles

So today was Jim's last turtle herder morning for awhile because he will be having neck surgery tomorrow. And, I'm so delighted for him, he got his first turtle nest discovery today!  They've been having turtle nest discovery over much of the month, this being the 10th nest.

As to his surgery he is having discs 3&4 fused. Fifteen or so years ago he had 5&6 fused, so it isn't something we haven't had to go through before. And, just like last time, it's in a hurry because they are worried about nerves being damaged.

I was thinking about the last surgery and remembered that he was diagnosed and set for immediate surgery while I was staying in central Florida with my mother who'd recently had a heart attack. I was trying to figure out how I could get up there to take care of him and yet take care of her at the same time (it's a 7 hour drive so it was a problem)

Then, suddenly, my mother died of a blood clot, and there I was stuck down there alone, and him told not to drive or travel. He drove down anyway to help me, since i was down there alone - well my aunt and uncle were there, but both of them were dingy as crap so I did not want to deal with them too.

We drove back as soon as we had mom taken care of and Jim had his surgery. I don't remember much of his recovery since I was, needless to say, a mess over my mother's death.

Let's hope this one goes well.


Hoping for the best.