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Jesus is American!

At least the charismatic christian church down the road seems to think so. Their entire property as well as their walkways lined with miniature Stars and Stripes for the 4th of July.

I know. I'm probably the only person who finds that offensive.


No, you're not. Maybe the first, but that's because you saw it before I did.
no you aren't. I do, too. I used to wonder why we had an American Flag in the church I once attended...
Why not? The Christian church has a right to fly the flag same as I do. My husband puts up a flag outside our door when he feels like it. I have a flag on my desk at work. I also have a pretty priest calendar (I'm not RC, but I like priests in full regalia.) and a Bible at my desk. Would you say I have to choose whether to have my American flag or my Bible?

Please tell me why this is so offensive -- I really don't get it.

A church or a mosque or a synagogue is just as much a building in America as any other; it's not different, or belonging to some other country just because it has a religious purpose.
okay, this is a place where you and I disagree, and I'm going to just bow out. You have a right to what you believe. I don't think a flag of ANY country belongs in ANY church ANYPLACE in the world.

Okay, I can respect that you feel differently, but can you explain the reasons behind that feeling/belief?

I am not trying to pick a fight. I am not trying to make you angry. I simply want to understand what the reasoning is here.

I can see that certain Christians might feel that way, due to the whole "render unto Caesar" passage, but I do not see the harm in a church (or, rather, the people in that church/mosque/synagogue/Buddhist temple/whatever) flying the flag of whatever country they happened to reside in.
I do TRULY believe in separation of church and state. I know it's nearly impossible. I believe that God or Whomever or Whatever does not care about nationalities or citizenship.

That's the best way I can explain it. I will pray for this country - or I WOULD, if I attended church - and for the rest of the world. But I don't believe that politics belong in a church.

And if you want to keep a flag on your desk, that's a whole different story from lining the church sidewalk with American flags. Or, it is in my opinion.

I'm not so sure "separation of church and state" is truly ever actually attainable.

But I get your views.

BTW, I also have statues of pretty gay cat boys on my desk. So I am an equal opportunity offender -- cute dragons/kitties, gay catboys, Bible, lots of tea, an American flag, Slytherin patches.
no, no. You're a cool dudette. I aspire to be you, because you really are YOU.

We...ell, it is traditional in England to fly the Flag of St George (the red cross on white) on churches. I have no problem with that since as far as anyone can tell, the original St George stood out against the State.
Christians can't celebrate the 4th of July? I mean, I can see the whole "no Christmas creche" on public land (even if I miss my traditional Christmas stuff) but why is it a problem the other way around? (I am asking seriously.)
I have no issue, of course, with Christians celebrating the Fourth of July.

What I do have an issue with is the whole patriotism tied to a religion thing. The we're crusading for Christ while we bomb Iraq and hand out coins that say "Jesus saves." While our president talks of crusading.

It's probably because I live in a military community that makes me so super sensitive, but around here there is a clear belief that God and by extension Jesus wants us to rip up the Middle East to hurry the return of the savior.

Yes, that aspect of it could be really annoying. I only get the military rah-rah from talking to my son, when he's in the mood to talk about that.

Since I live in hippy-dippy Ann Arbor where being an out Christian and pro-military person could get you ostracized, I kind of have the opposite problem.

I figure I don't mind being a minority as long as I can still have my flag at my desk to honor my son and the rest of the military dudes/dudettes in my family.
That's nothing compared to this. I saw that in the news this week and just about choked on my lunch. :-(
I disagree with the concept of Jesus being American.... to quote A Knight's Tale : "Well, the Pope may be French, but Jesus is English!"

Seriously, this actually reminds me of a funny story regarding Jesus' nationality.
We'll have to share it sometime.