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iced tea

Iced Tea

So... I've been getting adventurous in my old age and checking out my options for different tastes in iced tea.

I already liked Celestial Seasonings Wild Berry Zinger as iced tea but I prefer real tea to herbal so I began looking around.

Celestial Seasonings has real tea!  Who knew!!!  Anyway, I ordered the Peach and the Raspberry and love them both. They are made with cold water, so no heating and then cooling back down.

I also got some Ashby's Ginger Peach and Raspberry.  LIke them both, but they require boiling tea.

Wanted to look more so did.  Turns out Stash Tea has the best selection of iced mixed fruit flavors I've found so far.

I ordered several and have so far tried:

Blueberry Iced tea.  Quite good!

Mango Passionfruit Iced Tea ;  A bit different, and very mango-y

Yet to try:

Tropical Fruit

So, there are options for your Fourth of July party sipping kids!

So enjoy your Fourth 'Muricans and the rest of you stay cool or warm as the case may be!


Celestial Seasonings has tons of varieties - herbal, black, green, and even white teas. I've been enjoying them for years. You've given me an idea, so now I've got to try some of them iced. Thanks.