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Clerking in the Florida Primary.

I am soooooooooooooooooooo fired.


Fired? Was there too many stupid people and you hurt one of those stupid people?

The college I work at is a voting place and while I am not a primary worker, the night of voting there were a couple of less than intelligent folks that did stuff that made me think dark thoughts.
Methinks she means Tired. The T and F are too close together for fired- ehm, tired people...
LOL.. I was indeed tired, exhausted, mind-wiped and everything else...
I fought so...
LOL... no to my knowledge I did not hurt (at least physically) any voters.

The actual voting went fine, although we were getting complaints about the firemen sitting beyond the proper distance and waving signs for folks to support an amendment for them. And we had the usual mix of voters who CRS, and cast a ballot then claim the race isn't on the ballot although it clearly was...

The paperwork at the end is what did me in. I think I did pretty good with the ballots, and reporting the results and all the really important stuff, but the rest of it, the mass of paperwork that had to be filled out and put in the right envelope and then sealed and signed and arranged and all that ... argh....

I had fabulous pollworkers though. We made a few mistakes but caught them in time to correct them.

Anyway, sooooooooooo happy it is over.

Oh, and the guy who was running for Supervisor of Elections that we desperately wanted to win, DID!!!!!!!!!

I know whereof you speak!

Paperwork is the heart of the Supervisor's job here in Missouri, and it's what we get trained and retrained to do. I'm grateful to the roots of my heart that I have a partner to help me with it every election.

Affidavits, opening seal verifications, closing seal verifications, oaths, payroll forms, count registrations--EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!
And, in our case, packing just the right stuff in the proper cases (two orange, one green) and delivering them to the Marshalls.

I imagine it'll take at least an hour after closing again in November, maybe longer.

My friend, I raise a virtual glass of whatever would honor you most, and I trust that you aren't fired!

Rest well.

Oh, I bought a couple of rolls of "I voted" stickers yesterday. Nobody seems to ever give them to us, so I figured I'd fill in the gap. This is a damned important election, so why not make the voters happy?

I also plan to give away my dear old "I'm a woman and I vote" lapel pin to the first female first-time voter my poll workers send me.

Re: I know whereof you speak!

well, we have way too many places to put things. colored envelopes, white envelopes, manila envelopes, etc etc... Even the supply bags are a problem.... sigh. when you are exhausted after working 14 hours and everyone just wants to go home and can't because you are still madly trying to decipher three different pages of instructions and things don't have clear names or numbers on them... oi...

Re: I know whereof you speak!

Ours are just a little better than that. We have a book and a list of envelopes that things have to go into, but everything has names on it, and the we get a picture of how everything has to go into that bag. We also get a demo of how everything left over gets packed into the Giant Box of Holding.

Our magnificent trainers, Pat and Pat, have promised us a DVD on How to Put on an Election before November, so that we can review procedures before showtime. I'll probably snag the two ladies I've recruited and show it to them to refresh their memories too. They'll be working elsewhere, but it'll be good for them!

I wuv Pat and Pat!