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Gustav Update

We had an inch and a half of rain last night from Gustav, and we've had feeder bands going through. Winds are gusting to around 20mph but otherwise its pretty light wind at the moment. Also at the moment it is sunny, with clouds from feeder bands rolling by.

Storm surge is expected to me minimal at present, unlike what we had from Katrina which was just shy of the horrible surge we had from Opal and Ivan, both of which hit near here, not so far away as New Orleans.

I know a lot of folks don't realize how the coast curves and that New Orleans is a lot closer to us than it seems since it is a 5 hour drive, but that's because of the curvature of the shoreline.  Anyhoo, so far so good.

Also, Gustav looks a lot less organized at present and is down to a Cat 3 which is a VERY good thing for everyone!


I hope the "so far so good" continues.