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What an afternoon. The daughter and grandkids were here, one to work with Jim on a school project, the others to primarily clean house.

Angela has her own business of cleaning houses, and since my last cleaner quit without a word (we later learned she'd left her husband too) Angela and the kids are coming over to clean our house (since we've been paying their mortgage for years). 

Anyway, things were going fine, we'd all had something to eat, and the cleaning was done when from the other room I heard an odd sound. I walked back into the great room to find Angela bending over Kendra who was laid out on the floor. Kendra was having an episode and was going into anaphylactic shock.

Called the ambulance and then we had a houseful of EMTs.  So far as I know they are still at the hospital just down the road. Before they left, Kendra was responsive if not well, so the epi pen and liquid benedryl Angela got into her was helping, and  the EMTs could do the rest until they got her down the road to the hospital.

First experience I'd had seeing her go into shock. Not pleasant...


Oh, what a shocking experience for you. I hope some progress is being made. Did you mention to your daughter my niece/sister and mom's experiences- very similar- all related to Ceclor the oral antibiotic.
Kendra seems to have a latex allergy. Although it doesn't fit all the indicies for one as when they test her she tests negative. And now there seems to be something involving siezures too.

They've been running tests on her since December when she first went into shock. No definitive answers, alas.

Seems is the operative word. I hope she has access to a good children's hospital.
Gods, I hope she's going to be okay! That sounds like a harrowing experience for all of you!

she was released from the hospital to go home about an hour ago. so she's okay, if not exactly fine.

They'll see her regular doctor tomorrow.

It is exhausting for all concerned.
Best wishes for the youngster. We had one who, it turned out, had allergies. Took us a while to get a clue. Fortunately, no shock. I would have been panicked. Congratulations to you all for effective, prompt action! And best wishes, again, for Kendra.
I'm glad she's better. I'm also glad they keep the emergency supplies with them. What a horrid allergy! I guess she's going to have to wear nitrile gloves from now on, isn't she?
I am so glad your granddaughter is doing better. How scary for all of you!

I hope today finds everyone and everything much better!