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Election Games 2

Jeebus... This is pretty vile too. The Repugs would NEVER politicize the nation's pain, would they?

And of course its in Florida....



Election Games 2

These guys only stick their heads out from under their beds long enough to shout lunatic scare phrases. Then back under the bed they go because they're scared poopless of a guy on a dialysis machine that lives in a cave 8,000 miles away. And they want you to live in fear because that's how they live. Aren't they wonderful at high finance and they want our Social Security to play with too! I think they should really really hold their breath until we agree on that one. LOL

Emerald Coast Mike Ret.USAF
P.S. Used to live in FWB now dodging Tornadoes.

Life is great as long as you side-step the stinky stuff.