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US dalek

"The Quaker Lobby" - jaw drops

Some less than brilliant soul, writing in TNR used the term to complain that the Quakers weren't confronting Iran!  How DARE THEY NOT!

A commenter writes:

Of course, the Quakers have a long history of appeasement, going right back to the 1600s when they insisted on "dialogue" and "mutual coexistence" with the native Indians instead of just slaughtering them like civilized people. So you just can't trust those Quakers to deal with existential threats.

The commenter should write for TNR and the TNR guy outta clean toilets for a living.


First, cleaning toilets is too good for him, unless you meant maybe..well, never mind.

But hey...I'm surprised he can see to write, he's got his head so far up his butt.