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vote cuthulu

Early Voting Report

We have been slammed in Okaloosa County. We voted 1413 yesterday in just south county, and today did 1434.  We overheated the printers (ballot on demand) a bunch of times and had to hold the lines until the printers could catch up with the eVids, and also we had every pollling station full many times.

We have three printers and four eVIDs for south county and only one other early voting station in north county, with two printers and three eVIDs.

We never got a break other than bathroom breaks, and ate our sandwiches at our stations, to busy to even eat them in peace.

Oi.  And this was just the first two days of early voting!


My guess is that the first days of early voting are likely to be the most crowded, maybe even more than the actual election day. I bet it will die down a bit ... unless you're open on weekends, in which case bring spare printers. :-)
you may be right, but historically, for our county, early voting is light at the beginning, not picking up until the second week, and the last two days of the second week (Friday and Saturday) being the madhouse days.

alas we don't really have spare printers. the money is tight and we could only get so much equipment. As with everything else, budget priorities do not necessarily track with actual need.

Also, this looks like it will be a historically heavy turn-out. We've always said, that if everyone ever turned out to vote we were in deep deep doo-doo. I think we're pretty close to that shitpile now :-)

The Missouri ballot is 10 screens long. I just know that over half of my voters will not have read it in advance, and that they're going to take forever. The lines will be long, the voters cranky. At training, I heard a horror story of a voter four years ago who came in with a newspaper voter's guide and went from page to page of it in the booth, apparently making up her mind right there!

We don't have early voting, so the whole 80% turnout is going to come filing in November 4th.

No lunch break for the Kiwi Bird. :(
The rumors of police plans to stop "riots" on election day and other stories that I hope are conspiracy theorists over-reacting lead one to hope that even more people vote early. Massachusetts doesn't offer it, or I would.