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Not All Florida Counties are The Same

I keep hearing about articles on the internet and on the news that Florida voting is problematic.  Well, we in the panhandle, in Okaloosa County are doing great!  We are breaking every record we ever set with early voting, have lines from the time we open to the time we close, except for maybe a few minutes during the day, and yet the wait here is generally speaking not more than 15 minutes all day, as we keep asking the voters how long they waited to get in to vote.

So, please please please don't paint all of Florida with the same brush as some of the south counties who have voting problems during every election!

We voted 1464 or something like that yesterday.  Wednesday it was slightly over 1500, and we are a small county!

WRT the hardware, we are getting a fourth printer either today or Saturday, thankfully, so our bottleneck at the printers will, hopefully, be eased.


That's what I told people in the lunchroom who were trying to tell FLA horror stories

Bozos. One of them also told me a flat-out lie that HIS polling place in St. Louis County still uses punch cards. We don't even own the damned machines any more. His pants are so on fire.