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Bayou Morning - Back Porch Edition

sitting on the back porch trying to rest. watching the osprey fly over, five or six pelicans hunt baitfish in the bayou, at least one great blue is standing in the shallows, and another might be in the reeds. A loon just passed calling out, and there goes a couple of cormorants.  Hah!  The kingfisher flew by with breakfast, as a seagull was trying to steal it from him.

Oh, and while I was awake and sick last night, we had owls calling out from every side of the house.

Eeek!  The bald eagle just dropped in and landed in a tree across the bayou.  He doesn't visit us all that often!

This is what happens after I spend 4 hours in the ER (asthma and pneumonia).


ojee! are you ok now?
no, not yet :( but I've got drugs and hope to be feeling better in a few says.Keep your fingers crossed for me!

hope that the medicine will work and that you will be cheered by many more animal encounters