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Tea for the Holidays

Every year I treat myself to some special Tea brewed up for the Holidays. This year I bought two of Stash Tea's holiday brews:

1. Christmas morning
2. Holiday Chai

I just finished a pot of Christmas Morning.  Very very nice tea, although there aren't any holiday flavorings in it, which makes it sort of odd to be called Christmas Morning, Despite that, however, I really like it. Nice and smooth and clean tasting. I'll enjoy it!

Tomorrow I'll try the Hoiday Chai, which has gingerbread flavoring in it!

I've tried Taylor of Harrogate's before, and Harney and Sons christmas tea too. I'm working my way through, because, well, one never has enough variety in tea!


I tend to pick one and stay with it, so Harney & Sons Holiday Tea is my tea of choice. MMMMMM. I love it so much that I buy the fifty teabags every year so I'll have enough to get me through until next Christmas.
the fifty? I guess that means you can't have more. Or do you drink tea soo sparingly? ;-)
No, oh no. I have *counts* about 50 containers of loose-leaf tea in my desk right this minute (that's what I have at work, mind you, not the home collection) and various teabags sitting around too. It's just that I like to have the holiday tea around for when I'm in that kind of mood.
Ohhh... addictus maximus!! I have loads and lots of tea here also. ;-)