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Ah, Christian Charity in the Season with a Reason


" Christians Are Taking Back America - LINK
by: wanda_for_decent_values (47/F/Des Moines, IA)
12/13/04 10:29 pm

And we are THROUGH kowtowing to muslims, atheists, homosexuals and
anti-American "artists" living on our tax dollars!

By the end of President George W Bush's 2nd term:

1) Iraq will be well on the way to being a peaceful Christian country.
Once Iraq has gone Christian, the Gospel of Jesus will spread throughout the
Middle East. The region will be at peace and millions of Arab souls will be
saved through the grace of Jesus Christ.

2) Bush will have appointed at least two USSC Justices and the baby
slaughterhouses will finally be closed down forever.

3) Gays will be put back in the closet for good. The sodomy and decency
laws will be reinstated and their disgusting disease spreading activities
will be outlawed again. Maybe we can't get rid of them, but we can get them
out our children's view.

4) School vouchers will allow parents to send their kids to decent
Christian schools instead of the NEA-infested cesspools that exist now.

5) Worthless liberal social welfare programs will be dismantled and
replaced by Christian faith-based government funded programs. People will
finally get REAL help through Jesus Christ.

6) Filthy shows like Howard Stern, Jerry Springer and Will & Grace will
be off the air and replaced with decent Christian family programming.
Families will once again be able to turn on the radio or television and not
be embarrassed to listen or watch together.

7) The abominable scourge of Internet pornography will end with the
expansion and ENFORCEMENT of the Online Decency Act. Pornographers who
expose the public to this sickening material will be behind bars where they

You can be with us or against us, but you had BETTER believe one thing:

Christians are DONE sitting at the back of the bus."

What, no Inquisition and forced conversion of Jews? She's missing a real
opportunity here!


That's not taking back America, because it was never theirs in the first place, that's taking over America...
and the sad/infuriating thing is, she's not the only one that thinks like that.

There may not be a majority of them, but there's enough they actually stand a real chance of trying to do exactly what she said. They'll manange to create themselves a world that looks like it was ruled by the biggest, meanest, most fascist housing association of them all !! A world where there's no place for people like you and me.

Somebody stop the world, I'd like to get off now.

Oh, I love that icon!!! As a prisoner groupie especially....
really! Me too [of course!] and my Beloved too, she's a member of six of one... The Prisoner fan society. We've actually met McGoohan, breifly.
Funny, all these years I've known you, and never realised! [although in retrospect it fits.]
*sniffle* Why do these people HAVE to give Christians a bad name? I mean, sheesh, I happen to like writing my gay online smut.
I guess it just goes to show that every religion has its fundamentalist dickheads (of any sex).